Sleeping with the Captain

Sleeping with the Captain

1 October 2020

Book cover: Sleeping with the Captain

Sleeping with the Captain

The latest book in my series My Trailing Career has just been published. Sleeping with the Captain is available in paperback (online and selected bookshops), and for Kindle and eBook. You can also support local enterprise by buying from Comments welcome on social media.

About the Book

At sea it is possible to believe for quite long periods we are in some unpolluted, uncluttered, prelapsarian world where time is never linear.

There are no straight lines at sea.

In Sleeping with the Captain, the author travels on the MV Scottish Star with her husband, Captain Stuart MacCormick Ross, whose job it is to deliver deciduous fruit while keeping the ship, the crew, and the cargo in good order. Not a sex manual, then. Other people have written about fruit boats, but none have been travelling wives. Or as the author calls going to work with her husband, My Trailing Career. Over the course of one tour of duty, she will take you to some interesting places, meet a variety of people, and make visible the otherwise invisible world of shipping, which brings most of the food and goods we consume to our shores.