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4. Chasing Cures 2:  Prophylactics

4. Chasing Cures 2: Prophylactics

Prophylactics or daily preventatives are where we wander into medication for other conditions on a just- in-case or you-never-know-it-might-work basis. And you can be lucky. The most commonly used are beta blockers: propranolol, metoprolol and timolol, more normally used to treat angina and lower blood read more

3. Chasing Cures 1

3. Chasing Cures 1

Some people chase storms, some rainbows, hopes and dreams, but anyone with a condition chases explanations, relief and cures. Presenting as a possible migraine sufferer means a serious symptom exam. Not every headache is a migraine. My London doctor was thorough, as indeed all doctors read more